Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dressin' it up!

The best holiday of the year is fast approaching! Well, it was always my favorite holiday. Dressing up to get free candy? Can't get much better than that! Avrie is set on Cinderella, Nolan is going to be a scientist and Cole is up for whatever his mother finds. Unless he decides to talk and tell us. So here's the rundown of previous years:

Nolan, 1 - Pea pod
Nolan, 2 - Cowboy
Nolan, 3 - Bumble Bee
Avrie, 1 - Ladybug
Nolan, 4 - Eyore
Avrie, 2 - Fairy
Nolan, 5 - Box Monster
Avrie, 3 - Ariel
Cole, 1 - Himself

What are your offspring dressing up as this year? Favorites from years past? Ideas for my wee one?


Mj said...

i need ideas! a pea pod sounds super cute!!

Amber said...

We have Karate Kid, Lenore, a werewolf, and a chicken :)

Neisha said...

Kylie - black cat
Nolan - ninja

Susie said...

our favorite one was when Hunter was 2 he went as Yoda. we got lots of "awww, cute."'s.

Anita said...

dress Cole like a little farmer- he looks like a natural!

Anonymous said...

about your comment on my does nolan get full time spanish and sign language? is he in a public school? i do agree that we remember a language better when we learn it when we're young. i know more sign language (learned at a young age) than i remember spanish-in JR high.

Shannon said...

it is a public school - but part of the IB program.

i did ask more about it at conferences and it isn't separate sign language's combined with the spanish and they're only learning signs for the single words...colors, body parts, etc.

still, it's a lot!