Thursday, October 14, 2010

Soul Food

So, so many wonderful thoughts. I don't know where to begin. I think I'll just flip through my notes and bullet the things that really struck a chord.

  • The smallness of quietness is big.
  • We don't have to run home and read Galations 5 to see all the things we need to be. Just trust God and he'll put those things into us.
  • What destroys fellowship? When we slip something in that isn't of God.
  • If we keep our testimonies to ourselves they have x-value. If we share it with others it's much more valuable.
  • Man can make waves but God moves the tide.
  • Feeding of God's people is miraculous but not dramatic.
  • When we pray for others we need to be content without knowing the outcome or seeing the prayer answered. Have faith that God will do in His time.
  • If royalty doesn't act with dignity, it's revolting.
  • The way up is the way down and the way down is the way up.
  • Seek him early. God can do miracles at the last minute but, oh, so much better if we seek him early.
  • The raven nature. It's not hard to find the raven in someone else but very difficult to see it in ourselves. A sign of progress when we see it. Gen 8:6-8 - God included the raven in salvation. 1 Kings 17:4-6 - God commanded the raven to do something against its nature. God puts something stronger than our selfish human nature in us and gives us the strength to do what is against our nature. Regarding our nature: we may be born that way but we don't have to die that way.
  • Sometimes it seems like our prayers aren't effective - it's not because they aren't long enough - they need to be deeper.
  • God is faithful whether we believe it or not. But whether we believe it or not determines our outcome.
  • We'll be saying one of two things on Judgement Day: "I almost missed it" or "I just missed it."
  • God has entrusted us with a little baby Jesus. Take care of Him or we are a child neglecter. We may not be on the front page of the paper but we may not be in eternity either.
  • If you could go to college or read Proverbs but could only do one - read Proverbs.
  • Wise and Foolish Virgins - the oil represents submission.
  • Let us be so familiar with the genuine that we recognize the counterfeit.
  • How many ways can you follow one man?
  • If we're praying but also feeding the human we're just creating conflict.
  • Regardless of how we wrap ourselves our substance will come out.
  • God's way will function outside of liberty. We can always pray.
  • When the going gets tough the tenderhearted get steadfast.
  • Our life will be poured out toward something - let the Lord pick up the flask and pour out the wine so that it's poured out toward the Kingdom.
  • We're all dust. So why do we feel like our little pile of dust is better than your little pile of dust?
  • So, I'm just realizing that this list is super, duper long when I get to this note: Convention thoughts can be very overwhelming - just pick one thing to do.


Mrs Starling said...

Thank you for's tough getting by on one convention a year that you attend with small children who distract...especially when I look back to my teenage years and think of all the ones I didn't pay very close attention to...

Neisha said...

thanks for sharing

Pam said...

thank you so much for sharing your gems!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this! My notes are much less organized/simple... I like your bullet points so much I copied & pasted them in word- it initially took 4 pages!
I'm putting them above my desk so when I get overwhelmed w/ homework I can remember what really matters! So easy to get distracted.
I've been to a convention with 2 little kids - and I am impressed with how much you came back with having 3!
So, thank you for sharing
- Mrs.Wibel :)

Mindy said...

i love that thought about praying for others. this is where i have been for a long time. looking & looking for God's work & not seeing anything. but how can we see the heart of another? thank you for sharing.

Anita said...

there are so many good things on that list! Just now, I like the one about wrapping ourself...but what we are comes out anyway.