Friday, June 25, 2010

Vocab? Who needs it?

Cole's Vocabulary: Mama. One single word. That's it. To be honest I've enjoyed him staying a baby so much longer than the other two. Thing is...we know he can talk. He's a smart little bugger and knows if he starts spewing the language that he'll be held accountable for things. In the van the other night:

Evan: Cole, can you talk? Can you say banana?
Cole: *laughs* Banana.
Us: *flabbergasted*
Evan: Can you say it again, Cole?
Cole: *shrieks hysterically* Banana.
Us: *shake our heads*

Let me emphasize that it wasn't baby babble "banana". It was banana clear as a bell. Every sound made clearly. Stinker.


Neisha said...

haha! makes you wonder what else he knows that he's hiding from you :)

Jana said...

My folks say that I didn't really start talking till I was 3. Then I was using full sentences once I did start. I guess I didn't need to use words when I had two older siblings to get me what I wanted.

Mindy said...

haha! what jana said is the same story my MIL tells about her oldest boy. waited forever, but then talked in sentences.

Gwen said...

i do not remember nolan as much but avrie was saying sentences very early...very matter of factly...i love coles twinkle in his eye...just like his dads..and your dads i think..

Little Miss Nobody said...

ha! The little people are smarter than we give them credit, aren't they?