Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mid-Week Musings

I've made one or two half-hearted attempts to get a good 6-year-old shot of Nolan to distribute to family and friends. This is not made easy with a cheeseball son. This is the only one that comes remotely close to capturing Nolan. And there are flamingos flocking out of his head.

Avrie was pretty out of sorts last week. She fell asleep on the stairs at 9:30 in the morning. I was afraid she'd startle and fall down the stairs. Nolan and Cole just went around her...she was oblivious.

After a long, long week without Daddy we attempted a family fun outing on Sunday afternoon. We went to Como Zoo. What a zoo. It made me panicky and claustrophobic. We didn't stay very long. Seriously, could hardly move through the masses of stinky, sweaty, grumpy humanity. I remember why I love Como in the school year on a Tuesday morning. Because we're the only ones there. Almost.

The kid's fantastic Great Auntie picked them up this morning to take them on an outing. This left me with 90 minutes of free time. What do you do with 90 minutes to yourself? Mani/Pedi? Coffee break? Novel? Me: I hauled out as fast as I could. I removed everything from the van, drove to the car wash and vacuumed and windexed the entire thing. Washed it. Drove 10 minutes to a specialty store to pick up two bottles of my perfume oil. Stopped on the way home at the nursery to pick up another tomato plant and two more peppers at 50% off. Picked up the yard so I could mow later today. Cleaned up the breakfast dishes. End of 90 minutes. I feel so accomplished. You have no idea how gross our van was. Yeah, the same van I was going to keep clean forever. Haha.

I haven't listened to country music in years. This song may have just redeemed the genre for me. Love it. It's one of those feel-good-lovin'-life songs. I first heard it in cycle class. Which I'm addicted to. I plan my life around group cycle. Feelin' down? Group cycle, baby. Speaking of which:

Met a lady at cycle this week. She's run 63 regular marathons and 16 ultra marathons (41 miles). She's 53. Just a wee bit of inspiration there. Uf-da. Not that I want to run marathons or anything. Just hope to be that active when I'm 53.

My darling Cole baby has horrid eczema. Last week it was bleeding he was scratching so much. He's on day 7 of zero dairy to see if that's the culprit. It doesn't appear to be. I'll try eliminating gluten next week and see if that's it. Otherwise I'm assuming it's heat, humidity and nature triggers. I hate seeing him miserable.

I'm currently "growing" kombucha, kvass, water kefir and coconut kefir. I'm a little afraid to leave home this weekend for fear that my cupboard will blow up from all the fermentation!

Have a fantastic 4th weekend! We will...big family campout extravaganza coming right up!


Gwen said...

your van...was very needy..:)

Neisha said...

great picture of Nolan.
Avery must be going nonstop during the day to be sleeping at 9:30
Cole is a cutie :)
nice to have some free time to do whatever you want. :)

Swenson Family said...

My little Milo has bad eczema too. It seems to flair up with citrusy foods such as pineapple, stawberries or too much tomatoe. My cousin recommended Eczederm Rescue: here is the website: Hope you get it cleared's so sad to see it and it is painful when it gets too bad. Good luck and it's fun to see pics of all your cute kids! Keep up your great work super mom!

Jenny said...

I forgot what I was going to say...hate when that happens! About the excema, have you tried olive oil baths? A friend of mine does them and said her little boy cleared up in three days. I'd like to do it one of these days too. Just need more oil.
You were a busy busy girl in that 90 minutes! Yay for you!!!
P.S. Come see us and we'll have tons of fun together. Or we'll come see you. Whatever.

Mimi/Susan said...

Try some thieves oil!!!

Sorry, couldn't resist

Shannon said...

you just watch it, susan! or i'll boot your non-crunchy buttocks! LOVE you! =)

oh, and really, thieves would burn, burn, burn badly on eczema. not for skin irritations! so THERE. harumph.

The Minks said...

LOL ... I can't believe Avrie can sleep like. And that is a great picture of Nolan. Hopefully nothing explodes in that cupboard. What a mess that would be. Let me know how the coconut kefir turns out.

Mj said...

you're growing some intensely interesting stuff there, girl. wow. you simply amaze me. 90 rocked that bandstand. wew. now what can i do in 90 minutes? we'll see!!!!!!!

Anita B said...

sounds like a few vans I've been associated with (like the ones my nieces and nephews sail around in... gotta love kids!)
As ever- cute kids!
And kefir and kvass- how many Americans even know what that is?! Ukrn's consume both by the bucketfuls. How'd it go?