Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Conversation with the Twerps

Mom: What should we get Daddy for his birthday, guys?

Avrie: A shirt and pants and underwear! (Very enthusiastic!)

Nolan: Nooo!! We should get him something more exciting than that.

Avrie: Like a big, black Daddy necklace!

Nolan: Or a wig!

Mom: What kind of cake do you think he'd like?

Avrie: Superman!!

Nolan: No, a knife cake. Like the knife he takes to work.


Gwen said...

so if you get him a black boa and make a knife cake you will put smiles on the kids..haha...love it..

Cheri said...

do it!! thanks for the laugh!!

Mindy said...

HAHAHAHAHA! i vote for the wig!

Lani said...

I'll third the wig vote. Making a knife should be easy enough, Mom. ;) Or you could compromise and make a Superman cake with a knife sticking out. Kinda morbid, but a compromise, nonetheless.

Neisha said...

LOL!!! haha, that's great.

I asked Kylie is she wanted to give dad $$ for his birthday and tell him to spend it on his scope. She said no way. She doesn't like giving up her $$