Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Boy Catchers

I really, really, really don't like getting my hair combed. But my Mom curled her hair super beautiful yesterday just special for my Dad. But he had to work extra late after my Mom was already sleeping so he didn't even get to see it. And my Mom only curls her hair once every 6 years. Anyway. I thought that curling iron thing was pretty awesome. So I let my Mom give me beautiful hair this morning before it was even breakfast time. Don't my curly pigtails just look fabulous?

Mom says maybe not with my finger up my nose.

My Dad doesn't have a gun. But if he did...he should polish it.


Mindy said...

she looks so much like you in the first photo! do the curls stay in when you just use the iron?

Shannon said...

do i often have my finger up my nose? haha!

well, it's 10:30 and the curls are pretty much gone. but i didn't use any hairspray or gel at all...i spose that would help prolong them.

Lani said...

Adorable curls, little lady. Sorry your Daddy didn't get home in time to see your Mommy's pretty hair. Hate it when that happens.

Mindy said...

no, not that part! it's her eyebrows, eyes & hair i think. curling iron doesn't last with ayla's hair. the foam rollers work, but i kinda sorta hate doing them.

Ben, Heather and kids said...

So cute!
i put foam curlers in our girls hair after their bath, and they actually will sleep with them. the curls last all day!

Anonymous said...

so cute! love the little story with it! i skip the curlers with jonna...and just do 2 little worms (buns). she has really thin/fine hair and it works well after she's washed her hair and the hair has air dried for a little bit. we do it at bedtime and in the morning we have curly hair! (doesn't work very well if the hair is very wet when we do it tho)