Monday, May 04, 2009

Summer Vacation....Here We Come!

Nolan has biking down. He can start and stop all by himself and the spills are few and far between! We went to the trail last night with no complaints of being tired! Wahoo! Now Dad just needs a bike!

Hello! I'm determined to grow up as fast as I can! I'm pulling up, starting to jibber jabber..."ma-ma" is my favorite..., eating like a horse and working on my first two teeth. Whew!

Nolan's last day of preschool was April 30th. *Sniffle*

Can you tell he's mighty smitten with his purtty teacher?!


Tim and Melissa said...

Way to go Nolan...I'm highly impressed with you on your bike!!!

Neisha said...

way to go Nolan!! My Nolan is working hard on riding without training wheels. he's getting there. I posted a video of him riding.

Janelle said...

Good job Nolan! Wow, Cole is sure growing up fast. They don't stay babies for very long, do they?