Wednesday, March 04, 2009

One of THOSE Nights...

4:30 p.m. -- Start getting supper ready. Season pork chops, mix up the Italian breadcrumbs, herbs and asiago for the breading. Put Yukon's in boiling water for the gnocchi dough. I have never made gnocchi. I will never attempt again.

4:45 -- Check potatoes. Start dicing tomatoes for homemade sauce for the gnocchi. Bread pork chops and fry 5 minutes each side before putting in the oven for 25 minutes.

5:00 -- Pull out the potatoes, peel, mash up with the gnocchi ingredients, form dough, cut into little pieces. Get water boiling to cook the little sticky buggers.

5:15 -- Hands in tomatoes. Avrie cries. Turn and look:

5:17 -- Nearly cry. Tell her to wait and put some gnocchi in the boiling water.

5:32 -- Alternating between removing gnocchi and hair. Toss gnocchi flop into the garbage disposal. Get out spaghetti noodles. Remove basil from the fridge for the homemade spaghetti sauce...frozen solid. $2.99 down the drain. Cole is hungry. Thaw some milk and have Nolan feed him a bottle.

5:42 -- Hair finally free. Didn't have to cut any...whew.

6:00 -- Husband walks in door and wife tells him "You'll smile and eat it and say "Mmmmmmm". Or else."

6:05 -- Eat a lovely meal of perfect pork chops and lovely homemade sauce on store-bought pasta.

6:25 -- Pump.

6:40 -- Head out the door with Avrie in tow to meet my friend for a meal swap. I still have pasta sauce on my face and am still in my yoga pants and sweatshirt. Thank goodness I have friends who understand!!

**Has anyone successfully made gnocchi??


Gwen said...

i did not care for the stuff i had in the soup at olive garden so looked at the premade and decided pshhhhhht...skip it altogether.
what cord exactly was in her hair?

Shannon said...

the phone cord.

The J's said...

I have never heard of it, and am wary of stuff I can't pronounce :P
Sounds like quite the evening!! That was quite the tangle with the phone cord!

Mindy said...

i don't like gnocchi either, so would never attempt to make it. i have lots of basil in my fridge. too bad i couldn't have just popped over with some.... the photo of her hair was priceless by the way!!!!

Cheri said...

Avrie my dear, if you want a perm, just ask for one! For future reference, rolling a comb up in your hair will NOT curl it, and sidewalk chalk does NOT make good makeup!

Mimi/Susan said...

Avrie is quite the challenge now! Maybe she'll be the perfect teen-ager. Yeah, right! She's a cutie.

Gwen said...

thank goodness for Nolan to feed that starving baby and for 6:25 to come around and you can pump with a tummy full of yummmy supper...:)

Anonymous said...

"phone cord"??? That's almost as foreign as the word gnocchi.

Jacinda said...

Wow..quite a night. Can't wait for my girl to grow up and be just like yours:) Hope tonight is a little less stressful.

Kerry said...

I do make gnocchi sometimes, but I learned to make it when Matt is around!