Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Challenged to the Max

Just look at the precious little peanut. "Little Princess" my rear. "Little Drama Queen" would have been much more fitting.

Dear Parents, I'm sorry for any grief I may have caused you...I assure you that I'm getting the payback I deserve. Love, Your Frazzled Daughter

Grandma, Aunt Lori and anyone associated with CPS, please stop reading now if you want to hold onto the illusion of "Little Princess".

I threw a glass of water in Avrie's face last night. Ahhh, feels so good to admit that to the whole blogging world! Yes, I know she's only two and it was highly inappropriate. Or was it? She is unbearable these days. Unbearable I tell you. If I make it through her terrible-two's without becoming an alcoholic or a pill-popper, it'll be a miracle. I wish there was a way to convey sarcasm in text. Oh, who am I kidding...what sarcasm?!

Examples 1 & 2 of 1,746:

Avrie: I want a piece of bubblegum.
Mom: I don't have any in the van, honey.
Mom: Avrie, it's at home. I don't have any.
Avrie: *screaming* I WANT BUBBLEGUM. I WANT BUBBLEGUM. (repeat for 5 minutes)

After a goodnight story and a few minutes of rocking cuddles and tucking her in bed:

Avrie: I want water.
Mom: No. (A mother NEVER has to give a reason.)
Avrie: I WANT WATER. I WANT WATER. (repeat approximately 20 times with kicking and screaming and foaming at the mouth)

Anyone seeing where the glass of water in the face comes in? Now, some might say "Why not just give her a drink of water?" That's ridiculous. I said NO. You can't say no and then change your mind. It's just smart parenting, people. She had plenty to drink prior to bed and wasn't dying of thirst.

She is just so unreasonable. And I love her to pieces. I just know she'll be a go-getter and succeed at whatever she sets out to accomplish. Pushover will never be a word used to describe her! Determined, decisive, persevering, resolute, single-minded, steadfast, solid, unwavering. That's my girl. Just maybe tone it down a tad. Just a smidge. For your mother's sake.


Janelle said...

I was warned when I was pregnant with my little girl that "girls come with hormones". Brooke is 15 months old and is a drama queen too. She can have the biggest tantrum over nothing. I can only imagine what it will be like when she's 2!! Hope it gets better for you, and Avrie, be nice to your mommy. :)

Mimi/Susan said...

Now this grandma is going to say one little thing that could be construed to be in Avrie's favor. Why not ask why she wants another sip of water and listen to her reason. Maybe you'll be surprised at the answer. Tell her it's the last sip and ask what it's for. Sometimes little one's just want to be heard. I also know that Mommys reach the end of the rope too.

The J's said...

I have every sympathy for you there! However, I will still trade you my 17 yr old with what seems like a raging case of CONSTANT EVERYDAY the worst of the worst PMS symptoms for your "Little Princess"!!
And the "A mother never has to give a reason"? well, I believe that too, however 17 yr old "Little Princesses" (did you hear the sarcasm??!) don't appreciate it either!

Tim and Melissa said...

Have you 'cursed' her yet? Ya know, the whole "I hope you have a child just like yourself" thing? My mother cursed 10 children just like me upon myself (and I told her 'yeah, I hope I have 10 like me too!)...and it's coming to bite me in the butt!

I promised myself, when my oldest was born, that I would never curse my children. It's awfully tempting some days!

But they say (whoever 'they' are) that either you get 'it' when they're toddlers or when they're teenagers....so maybe Avrie will be a dream as a teen?

Mindy said...

she sounds just like my girl. that's why there is such an age gap in between numbers 2 & 3. we didn't know if we could handle another one! she is 5 now & much, much, much easier to deal with. now i can enjoy all those bold things about her without getting upset (most of the time). also, i'm wondering if the glass of water helped? i don't see it as out of line. it seems like sometimes you need to just snap them out it! anyway, hang in there it will get better!

Amber said...

Nice work...I bet she'll second guess a tantrum.

Shannon said...

susan--she does generally get a drink of water with no problem...this night was just exceptionally long and stressful and she was just trying to prolong her bedtime...and i had already said no. had i forseen the tantrum i would have just given her a drink. i do know she wants to be heard...and i try to be present whenever she's talking to me...that's my biggest gripe in life too...that no one listens to me and no one believes me!! i will ask her why next time and see what she says...my guess is "i dunno" =)

oh, and by "glass" of water...it really was only a splash...i didn't even have to change her jammies or sheets...and it DIDN'T work. someone told me it needs to be a full glass....i don't think i could do that!

Gwen said...

oh dear and i just sent my daughter an email inviting her 2 oldest home with us for the wkend..and now i am reading her blog..but the invitation still stands:)

Neisha said...

I agree...when mom says no she has to stick with it. I'm the same way with my kids, I don't give in (well, maybe sometimes when I just can't deal with them). I like the water in the face idea for temper tantrums...I'll have to try it. My 6 and 4 year olds still throw them

"MamaDubs" Bobbie said...

I bet you can't wait till she's 13! Haha

Tammie said...

I've had to throw the water in the face too, only twice though. After that if I even headed for the cups, she turned it right off. Bretta and Avery appear to have lots in common. Bretta like it her way and no other.