Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tea Anyone?

Adorable, no?

Reading tea leaves!

Don't look too close or you'll see where they were made! Nolan enjoyed the tea party every bit as much as his sister.

NEW BLOG PLUG: I love, love thrift shopping. You pretty much have to pay me to go to the mall. I have a Herbergers credit and have been there three times to try to spend it and have left empty handed each time. Put me in a thrift store and I could stay all day. Every once in a while I find an amazing deal at Unique. I decided to create a place to show them off. The link is on the right...check it out!


Gwen said...

i wanna be at a tea party!!
look for some size 5 foot in jammies for me? well actually not me to wear!

Anonymous said...

Shannon -
I'm with you all the way on the mall shopping vs. thrift store thing. I'll leave home planning to go shopping, then turn around and go back half way there. It will be fun seeing your treasures.

Lani said...

Adorable pictures... I'd LOVE to join you. ;)

Lani said...

p.s. I think you must have better thrift store options where you live, because I NEVER find these kinds of things at ours. My experience with ours has been I have to dig, dig, dig to find anything good which equals out to hours and hours of lost time and usually I come away emptyhanded. I'd like to come along with you sometime. Maybe you can teach me what I'm doing wrong. ;) Cute finds, by the way.

Anita B said...

It might have been said already, but that is one adorable little girl you have there!