Monday, November 24, 2008

Food Bullets

  • I made a ground beef, lima bean, bacon dish for lunch yesterday. The kids loved it. Avrie picked out all the lima beans........and ate them first. I have weird kids.

  • We ran out of milk on Friday. Evan stopped to pick up a half gallon of Cedar Summit to hold us over until Tuesday but the store was closed that carries it so he went to Cub and just got Kemps Select. Both Nolan and Avrie refused to drink it after one taste...they said it "tasted yucky. Get fresh milk, Mom".

  • Today at lunch, while she was eating, Avrie asked for a snack. I said no. She screamed and cried so hard that she threw up. Next time I'll just call lunch "snack".

  • I made David's Altoid brownies this morning. The kids have eaten an entire long skinny row. I have eaten 3 crumbs. I'll be sending them to work with Evan tomorrow. If he doesn't eat them all tonight. They would be awesome(r) (so not a word) topped with ice cream.

  • I buy celery and use one rib then the rest rots in the fridge. So I looked up a recipe for celery and LOVED it. I may even buy celery just for this purpose. Dice it up, boil until soft, drain, layer in casserole, drizzle with cream, top with fresh grated parmesan and/or extra sharp cheddar and lots of fresh pepper and salt, bake until cheese is bubbly and lightly browned. Yum.

  • I'm meeting my sister-in-laws for late supper tonight after the kids are in bed. I'm excited. A meal alone. I'll actually get to taste it! And have great conversation too!


Tim and Melissa said...

A girls night out? Oh, you lucky, lucky girl! Enjoy every second of it!!!

The J's said...

OH! Enjoy your night out!
I have a problem with the celery spoiling too. If I suggest the kids have it for a snack, they don't want it. But if I cut it up, put P.butter on it, then they eat it. go figure. They're old enough to make their own snacks! I use it in soups, chopped up fine, as I don't like it chunked. I Also use it in chicken salad Chopped fine.

Neisha said...

My kids love tortilla shells plain

Lorene said...

My mama says, "you don't have to put it in the oven, just cook it in a pan!" We grew up on that stuff! no cheese on to. just lots of salt and pepper!

Rebekah said...

Love your food bullets! The celery thing happens here too. Nights out with the girls are so revitalizing!

And we just got a new Goodwill store in town...come on down!

And I've got to try those brownies...thanks for the reminder...hubby loves Altoids!