Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Recent Pictures

This is how we've been feeling around here the last few days.

There are no words.

We took the kids down to the Fremont Store for the first time this past weekend. They both picked one piece of Laffy Taffy (2 for a nickel). Avrie spit hers out.

Doesn't she look like the happiest girl on Earth?!

Nolan and Grandpa snuggling Cole

Cole with his Great Grandma Ardis

A lame family picture. Hey, we're all in it. And that's about it.

Sleeping Beauty



Nate, Natalie & Klara Mink said...

ok, does Cole wake up during the day or only at night? He was asleep in all those pics!

MT Foners said...

CUTE... all of the pictures! we're so excited to see everyone! and meet cole!

Jana said...

I think the family picture is cute, with three kids you have to take what you get as far as family portraits go. I can definitely relate to Avery's frustration some days.

Nate, Tara, and Jaden said...

Cute family pictures. I think you need to get Avrie a kitty :)

Lani said...

Kekoa's been extra awnry/grouchy, too. Maybe it's the time of year?