Thursday, September 18, 2008

Must. Have. Sleep. Soon.

  • Sleep? What's that? 4-ish hours per night just isn't cutting it for me. I hate the parent I am when I'm sleep deprived. I yell, I threaten, I'm mean, I'm no fun. I redeemed myself a bit this afternoon and we had a picnic in the backyard. The kids love picnics. I hate them. There are bugs, the kids never eat more than two bites and I have to drag everything out and back in again.

  • I went through the drive-thru this morning for a latte. I got home and took a big sip of chewy curdled milk. Yum. Took it back and they replaced it and gave me a free movie rental!
  • Nolan is completely in love with school. He has a girl in his class named Meadow and he's quite smitten with her [name]. Did I use those brackets correctly?? There is also a boy named Nick who has long hair. Nolan thinks this is hilarious. Well, so do I. He looks like a girl.

  • I'm having nightmares that Cole is sensitive to the dairy I eat. I'd completely waste way if it wasn't for yogurt and cheese. Hardy har har.

  • I don't need the gym...I've got 26 and 36 pound airplanes:


Neisha said...

I'm the same kind of mother when I'm lacking in sleep or having a bad day. Mom can have bad days, right?! I sure do
Love the pictures of the airplane kids

Gwen said...

hmmm bring along a bottle and MAYBE mom will take a night shift??!!!
MAYBE...depends how nice you are to me!!!!

MT Foners said...

lol... I'd be real nice to mom! Airplane rides are ALWAYS fun and sleep... who needs it? JK, it's ok, you'll grow out of the moods when the kid grows into sleeping all night and the older ones wont remember it anyways! They'll just remember their cool mom that makes them picnics in the back yard! (good work, I know it's not easy to do when you don't enjoy it and r tired on top of it!)

Mindy said...

awesome photos. i hear you on the sleep deprived bit. last night was our first night home & it was awful as far as getting sleep goes!

Lani said...

Wow... I can't believe how "behind" I am in blogland. Cute pix of the kids doing airplane. What a fantastic Momma, you are. Impressive you're doing this kind of exercising already! Recovery easier/faster after number three than the first two?