Friday, August 15, 2008

Random Pictures with Random Thoughts

This is how I feel today: on the verge. Avrie was up early throwing a tantrum that has never really ended. Within 10 minutes of being out of bed we had a catastrophe in the kitchen. My favorite paper thin glass tea pot/infuser smashed into a trillion pieces on the floor with Avrie and I in the midst of it. With no shoes on. Yipeee.

What's it called when you're extremely lonely and yet you're surrounded by your kids every single day? Oh yeah, depression. Which I'm in therapy for but am quitting. I didn't want to pay $25/week plus babysitting for a cliche shrink to find out what happened to me as a 2-year-old that has made me what I am today. While I think it's valid, all I wanted was an unbiased ear to listen to me whine and throw in some encouragement every now and then. Evan has come up with the perfect solution for me. I go downtown and find a bum who is willing to listen to me rant and rave for an hour. Free. And satisfying. Ta-da!

36 weeks. Here's to hoping baby is out by 37-38. I recently discovered Leeann Chin's yogurt. This would have easily been a pregnancy craving so I'm very glad that I've only just discovered it. It actually tastes like real frozen yogurt. Yeeumm. I'm starting to old stretch marks are stretching a bit more. Maybe I should lay off the frozen dairy.

This is my princess trying to figure out just what a necklace is for! She got a big box of Disney Princess dress-up clothes for her birthday and has been having an absolute blast with them. Princess had her 2-year checkup yesterday. Healthy as can be with these stats: 23% weight, 69% height, 71% head circumference.

Who doesn't play Playdoh half naked in a princess skirt?

Model pose.

What's wrong with this picture? August 13th supper in sweatshirts. They thought they were hilarious. Maybe trying to make a point?? I keep the house at 74 so it's not exactly freezing but my husband sure thinks it is. He climbs into bed shivering. Boo-hoo.


Amber said...

Wow, I've been feeling the same way lately....maybe we should just call each other:) You look great by the way, and hopefully the baby comes soon! I just attended the birth of my neice on Monday, so I'm a little afraid of what's coming but soon enough this back pain will over ride that.

Neisha said...

i love all the photos

Tim and Melissa said...

Have I ever told you that your kids are adorable...because they sure are! And so is your belly, by the way. Sounds like you and Evan should have one more quick date-night before baby boy comes...just for supper or something!

Nate, Tara, and Jaden said...

Tell Evan he's lucky; I set the temp to 69 degrees at night. Love the cute pictures of your kids and belly!!

Gwen said...

Avrie you are such a beautiful princess but that first photo..oh my..poor lil distressed girl.
XOXOXOX to my lil girl and her lil girl.
cannot leave out the guys eitherXOXOXOX

Lani said...

Oh... you poor princesses. You'll be on the other side of this soon. Probably doesn't feel like soon is soon enough, though, does it? Hugs.

ethel said...

i had a terrible no good very bad day on friday too if that helps any. i was thinking about therapy too...and i have to say as a therapist speaking here..there is a time and place for therapy...but there is always a time and place for friends. you can rant at me anytime. i find writing stuff down helps too. in my mom's bible i found a quote..." if there is no struggle there is no life"
sounds like you'll be giving birth to new life soon!!!! thinking of you. your belly is astoundingly beautiful!