Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Few Favorite Party Pics...

The Birthday Girl

Papa helping make giant bubbles.

We look more than ready, right?!

Avrie and Papa Elroy

She thought her cake was the cat's meow!

Wahooo! A Tinkerbell Fairy House!

Awee. A little baby with a pillow and blanket.


Mindy said...

love the black & white one!

Shannon said...

i do too...except for the shadow of her hair. i need someone to fix it for me!

Lani said...

When I get home again, I could try to fix it for you in PhotoShop, but I honestly think it looks fine this way, too. Cute pix. She had such a wonderful birthday!!! Cute kitty cake. You did good, Momma. Almost makes me want to try for a little girl. ;)

Neisha said...

all the pictures are cute but I love the b&w one

ethel said...

love the pics...yes, especially the black and white! she is absolutely adorable!!! happy day, Avrie!! impressive cake..if you lived closer i'd hire you to make the 3 cakes i'm going to have to make in the next month!