Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Brendon Ty

Brendon was born on Wednesday morning last week. I was really sick so I didn't dare visit in the hospital so we had to wait until we got home from vacation to meet him. He's a tiny little peanut. I can't believe how little they are and that my kids were once that small! Both the kids absolutely loved him. Nolan didn't want to give him up. On the way home he informed me that he wanted our baby to look just like Brendon and he wanted his name to be Brendon too. I tried to explain to him all the way home (15 minutes) why our baby needs a different name. He didn't get it but finally let it go this morning!

Brendon Ty Mote, 5 days old


Jen said...

A "Mote" baby...hmmmm, who are the parents? I might know them! :)

Shannon said...

Darren & Amy