Friday, June 27, 2008

Potty Training, Round #2

Those of you that have trained a is it different than boys? Anything I need to know? Avrie thinks she's more than ready but I'm not so sure. She:
  • Takes off her own diaper as soon as she pees.
  • Tells me every time she goes.
  • Heads for the bathroom but is finished by the time she gets there and then she's frustrated that she can't get any more out.
  • Will occasionally poop on the potty if I tell her to.

As much as I'd love to have her out of diapers before Baby #3 (I'm convinced this will be his actual name), I'm not sure that will happen. Or will it? Can it? She'll be TWO on August 10.


farron and cheri said...

From my experience, the girls were easier than the boys. brynn was trained a few monthes before she turned 2...but she might regress a bit when the baby comes??

Mindy said...

my girl was waaaay harder, so i have no girl specific advice. avrie sounds ready though & there were 2 girls in this area that were pretty much done by the time they were 2. go for it if you feel so inclined.

Neisha said...

I agree, Avery sounds ready. You could try to have her sit on the potty every once in awhile and then maybe if she pees in it while she's sitting there, next time she'll try harder to get there before she pees her diaper

Amber said...

Brookelyn was way stubborn about it, especially with #2. She was peeing consistently by about 2yrs 4mos. and then almost three by the time she went #2 on the potty ALL the time. It was so frustrating.

Tim & Melissa said...

Wow, it IS a small world!! Katie is my husband's cousin...and their wedding was BEAUTIFUL!!

And Avrie might well be ready to potty train. Especially if she watches her brother closely. I was potty trained before I was two, and I had a brother who is 21 mos. older than me...I took an interest in training because my mom was training him. Madi knows what to do on the potty, and has done it...just is being stubborn and 'wants a diaper'. Good luck, that'd be awesome to have her out of diapers before baby #3 comes!!

Annie said...

With working with toddlers I learned that all of them are different.. what i found worked really good with most of them was start underwear UNDER their diaper, then when they started to keep them dry (2-3 undies wet a day) then eliminate the diaper. Poop was a different story, but most of the girls were more willing then boys. usually parents found it harder to train at home cause they were too busy.. but with some time devoted to it every day that helps. thats my experience;) I always say that after trainning all those kids, mine someday will really give me a hard time;)

Tim & Melissa said...

Hey...cute new profile picture of you!