Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gritty, Gritty *Cringe*

I decided to give sand a taste today. A good hefty shovel-full. I chewed.

Hummm, maybe it isn't food after all.

But, I really seem not to care.

I think it makes me look rustic.

A sand tear.


Gwen said...

yah I say...put the swimming pool right by the door..declothe,dip dry and enter house..

Mindy said...

great photos - i love extreme close-ups.

Amber said...

she is precious

Shannon said...


i'm usually about two inches away from my kids' wonder they run when they see the camera =)

Lani said...

What is it with kids and eating dirt. And Gavyn likes to take a handful of sand and drop it over his head. Love the pictures... and the one of you two is so cute. Her hair is so blond!

Shannon said...

she likes to do that too....stands on her head in the sandbox. sand is so much fun to get off of little ones' scalps.

she's naturally blond from the sun. i attribute mine to Sun-In =) which has vastly improved since i've used it last.