Saturday, May 03, 2008

Family Fun Day

The kids were up early. I fed them and put them in front of Toy Story and crawled back in bed. And I didn't feel guilty. At all. We went to a park I discovered this week. It is part of the Three Rivers District. There is an awesome nature center and I've enrolled Nolan in 3-day summer camp in July. He'll get to build a bug box, bird feeder and a brick. They'll also dam a stream, construct a beaver lodge, make a fort and "build" a snack. They also get to climb on big machines that built the park...I'm assuming bulldozers, etc. It's only 5 minutes from us and by far the coolest park I've found yet. There are lots of nature trails, as well as paved trails for Nolan to bike on.

We came home for lunch and nap/rest/sit on the couch. Later, Evan and Nolan cleaned out my garden beds while Avrie and I went grocery shopping. I went to the meat market to get hot dogs and brats to grill tomorrow night and decided to pick up a t-bone...celebrating our economic stimulus check that got deposited today! Evan grilled it medium-rare and it was fantastic. We never even opened the A-1. The kids got a hamburger...the poor dears. Although it was a great burger.

Went for a walk to the park after supper and the kids are in the tub now getting rid of the filth of a good Saturday.


Tim & Melissa said...

Is 'early' at your house as early as our house?? (like, 5:30 am??) You're not the only parent who does what you did!!!!

Lani said...

Oh yay... it sounds like you had a fabulous day. You deserve it, you fab Momma you! ;) Hugs.

ethel said...

sorry about your smartie mice...poison ...just make sure the kids don't get in it like my Gregory did..into the rat poison ( just one of my 911 calls).