Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yawn...Fresh Air!

Little Miss mowing the lawn. If only it was that fun for us adults.

Showing off her ponytails.

So, you know how over at Lani's were were talking about binge/compulsive eating? Yeah, this cake will do that to me. But I have proof that I didn't do it alone:

Avrie had THIRDS.

Nolan had SECONDS.
We won't go into how many I had.


Mindy said...

you mean how many you and the baby had;)

Gwen said...

hey bill cosby says it all..choc cake for hs eggs,milk,
looks good.did the pan have any left for evan???

Lani said...

Dontcha hate it? I get to the point, I just want to eat the whole pan so it's not calling my name anymore!!! Ack. They look good, so I'm glad I'm at my house and not at yours. Ha.

Lani said...

p.s. We've been enjoying fresh air, too. The boys ate lunch outside on the picnic table yesterday and played outside in our backyard all afternoon when they weren't taking a nap. Yes! It feels sooooo good.