Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oh, What a Day!

45 blissful degrees. I almost dug out the baby oil and the lounge chair. We walked down to the grocery store after lunch and picked up brats to grill for supper. I've already opened the jar of kraut and eaten about half of it. Nolan yelled at me and told me to save some for supper. He's my kraut lover. I gave Avrie a bite and she looked at me like a wounded dog before spitting it out. I can only dream about summer watermelon. Everything we grow in our garden this summer will be Nolan's idea. So far we have: watermelon, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, carrots and snap peas. I almost have him convinced to plant a big lettuce bed like I've done in years past. He ate a few pieces of lettuce the other night for supper and liked it.
He filled up countless buckets of water this afternoon.

Avrie fell asleep on the way home from the grocery store. Nothing beats a nap in the spring sun.

Our newest addition. Avrie found this kitty at Unique yesterday and wouldn't let go of it. It feels like real hair. Although it's a bit stiff. We paid $4...yikes. But there was a price tag on the bottom that said $26. Who would ever pay $26 for a paper mache cat!?

Nolan tries to get near and it's "ME MEOW".

I think huge 80's style sweatshirts should be banned. Exact same location where I spilled the boiling water on my leg. This is cocoa powder. Not exactly easy stuff to clean up! Happened the exact same way.


Mindy said...

love that picture of avrie with her meow! we're grilling steak and asparagus right now - yum! enjoy your brats and kraut.

Gwen said...

oh how i wish the farm gma and gpa had a bunch of real kitties for her to play with..someday..
you loved your kitties and cats and they kept you occupied very well.

Lani said...

Craig always says when I bake it looks like a bomb went off in the kitchen - looks kinda like your cocoa powder spill only all over the place. I love the story of Avrie protection her meow. We had a nice day like yours only ours happened today. Yay! Spring is just around the corner. 10 days and counting. I'm a kraut fan, too. And both my boys eat all the lettuce out of my salads. Gah.