Tuesday, March 18, 2008

peek into me

Consider yourself tagged if you have a blog. Finish the sentence:

1. Maybe I should try harder.

2. I love the smell of spring. Dirt, wet leaves, grill smoke.

3. People would say that I'm opinionated. I honestly don't know what people think of me. I would love to know. I think. Ha.

4. I don't understand why someone would ever take up smoking. I tried it once or twice and it was absolutely horrible. Why would you ever continue?

5. When I wake up in the morning I kiss my husband goodbye and go back to sleep.

6. I lost my first engagement ring two days after I received it. Ahhh, the truth is out. The truth is so liberating. Almost no one knew this.

7. Life is full of s-word and surprises.

8. My past is behind me. Who knew I was so witty.

9. I get annoyed when my kids don't listen. They get annoyed when I don't listen.

10. Parties are nonexistent in my life. Unless you count Potty Parties.

11. I wish so many things. Most of the things I wish for I could have if only I would do #1.

12. Dogs stink. Seriously. I will not pet one unless there is a sink nearby.

13. Cats are hilarious. I hope to have an outside one someday.

14. Tomorrow is another day.

15. I have low tolerance for self-righteousness.

16. I'm totally terrified of something happening to my husband or kids.

17. I wonder what I could do if only I applied myself.

18. Never in my life have I been a bridesmaid. Thank goodness.

19. High school was too short and too long all at the same time. I wasn't there 11-12th grades...I did post-secondary. I miss my friends and yet don't make any attempt to contact them except on Facebook.

20. When I'm nervous I rub my lips together (like when you rub in chapstick). I had to do a taped interview for a job skills class in college. It was so enlightening. I rubbed my lips together the entire time. I wonder what happened to that tape?!

21. One time at a family gathering my cousin Cheri and I put on a play for the family. Everyone ignored us and had their own side conversations. We finally left and went to cry about it. It might seem trivial, but I still think it was really rude even if it was a lame play.

22. Take my advice: Watch what you put into your body. It will directly affect your health and well-being.

23. Making my bed only happens once a year. Maybe twice. Last time I did it I commented to Evan about how nice it was. It didn't happen again. Which is really sad considering we only use a duvet and no top sheet. All I'd have to do is throw it over the bed. Oh well.

24. I'm almost always down on myself.

25. I'm addicted to ABC.com.

26. I want someone to make me laugh until I cry.


Tim & Melissa said...

I love reading your blog!!

Tim & Melissa said...

p.s.-In reference to #22, have you finished writing your essay-type thing on 'why you eat what you eat'?? I'm anxious to read it!

Lani said...

People would say you're passionate. There you go... now you know. And I mean that in a good way. ;)

Becky said...

I'm so sorry I didn't pay attention to your play. I called Cheri to see if I was one of the offenders and she said I was.
One time at a school concert the audience was talking and we were reprimanded by the director. That was embarrassing. Anyway, it was nice of you to invite us to your play and I'm sorry that we blew it!!! Hopefully you have better memories of our Mother's Day tea parties in your play house!

Nate, Tara, and Jaden said...

Love it! I think I'll give this a whirl. Your blog is a blast to read!

Shannon said...

melissa---ah, i keep forgetting about this. i have all the "we don't eats" done and just have the "we eats" left. but this could take awhile. i'll try to do some today...after a nap =)

becky---yeah, well i can't even remember what the play was supposed to be about...i can't imagine it was too exciting.

ethel said...

hi there..i'll do this one too..
had to check in on ya!..people would say that you are honest, knowledgeable about a variety of subjects, humourous, too hard on yourself, talented, intelligent, ingenious, creative, spontaneous, ...and i hardly know you!!
Keep Trying!! i wish i had more potty parties with Teagan..actually she's doing pretty well considering our schedule of late! take care, bud!