Monday, March 17, 2008


This kid cracks me up. From the past few days:

  • Evan took him with to the post office to send off our first round of business mailers for the season. The postman dude hands over $2 in change and told Nolan that there was just enough money left for Dad to take him to McDonald's. Nolan: "What's McDonald's"? YESSSSS!!!
  • On the way home he's looking out the window of the truck. "Daddy, look! I see a duck and an elephant and a boy in the clouds"!
  • We walk in the door to Grandma and Grandpa's house. They are remodeling. "Grandpa, who wrecked your house"? "We have to fix it RIGHT NOW".
  • I walk into the living room where Tanner and Nolan are playing. I see that Nolan has no pants on and his underwear is filled with toys. Apparently they were playing doctor. I think I overreacted. But, seriously. Where in the world would they get this idea??
  • Later during the weekend the boys are playing "pretend poop". They each took turns pretending to poop and then they'd look at "it" and judge it's size. BOYS ARE WEIRD. But I think we all knew that. I'm just blown away that it starts so early.

On a different note:

  • It's snowing. It's supposed to turn to rain this afternoon and snow again tonight. Lovely. We're staying home. Without any food in the house. I had figs and cottage cheese for breakfast while the kids had the last of the leftover pancakes. Lunch should be interesting.
  • Avrie continues to want to go potty. However, she pees in her diaper and then runs to the bathroom and wants her diaper off. I think I'll just keep letting her sit on it but I'm not going to get too proactive about it until I can send her outside with no pants.
  • My sciatica has started already. Wahhhhhh. I dug out my Stork Support this morning. I suppose it doesn't help that I'm sitting slouched on the couch as I write this.
  • Three late nights in a row have left Avrie crabbier than ____ this morning. Sin? That doesn't make sense. She's just insufferable.
  • Nolan can't seem to find anything to keep him busy this morning. Because we have zero toys or books. Our house is so boring.


Mindy said...

boy i'll say boys are weird. why are they fascinated with pooping and farting? that was so funny. i'm depressed about the snow too. usually it's all melted by micah's birthday, but i don't see that happening this year!

Lani said...

We've got snow and rain here, too. Everywhere I go, I get the same vibe from people... everyone is ready for winter to be OVER!

Gavyn's been cranky, too, but his is because of a cold. I almost killed him the other day over pictures. Yes, pictures! I want a good two-year-old picture of him, and I only need one. Do you think he'll look at the camera and smile? Absolutely NOT. Grrr... I know it's expecting a lot out of a two-year-old, but I really only need ONE good picture and I'd be happy. ;)

Cheri said...

has the aversion to poop turned into a fascination??