Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Morning Conversation

Nolan is drinking hot chocolate.

Mom: Is it too hot?

Nolan: No, I'm taking little sips so I don't burn my tongue.

Mom: Okay, good.

Nolan: Do we go to the doctor when we burn our tongues?

Mom: Nope, we stay home and it heals itself.

Nolan: Why?

Mom: Because our bodies are amazing.

Nolan: Do we go to the nursing home when we burn our tongues?

Mom: Huh?!


Mindy said...

ha! has he been to any nursing home lately?

Shannon said...

no!! crazy kid. he asked it really quiet he knew it was an absurd question!

Tim & Melissa said...

What a nut...he'd obviously given that quite a bit of thought!!

Miller's Memos said...

lol, kids are hilarious

Lani said...

I love everything about this conversation - both Mommy's side and Nolan's side. And may I just say... what beautiful eyes you have, Nolan!