Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday's Grab Bag

  • What do toddlers dream about? This morning Nolan told me he went hunting with Pooh and Piglet and Tigger and Rabbit from the basement. They went in the scary woods. For fun. Not for heffalumps.
  • Some of Avrie's recent words: meatball, chocolate, milk (finally!), prefacing everything with "me", which means "mine", ex: me melmo (elmo), read me, draw meow, stinky potty, pee pee potty, me potty, no dipey, undies.
  • I am 13.5 weeks along now. We all heard the heartbeat on Friday and everything is measuring right on schedule.
  • SAHM, WAHM, WOHM. Which are you and why? I stay at home for the well-being of my children. I don't want someone else raising them. I don't want them growing up in front of someone else. At the risk of offending, why wouldn't you want to stay home? Is it so you can be better off financially? Is it really worth it? Is it because you're a better Mom when you're not with your kids (that's very disturbing)? I admire families that make it work like this. I'm looking forward to going back to work after my kids are in school. But I will be home when they are home. And that's that.
  • I would love nothing more than to have houseplants. We have no sunny windows. What kind of plants would work for me?
  • We will find out the sex of this baby as well. Much to my sister-in-law's dismay.
  • I need an outlet. What do you do for stress relief? Oh, and not exercise. Ha.


Mindy said...

i see my midwife on thursday. i'm anxious to know my due date. i think i'm about 9 weeks, but not sure. so fun to hear the heartbeat isn't it?

Lani said...

I stay home for the same reasons as you, but that said... I've also learned why some Mom's can't. You know the days I'm talking about. ;)

Lani said...

Oh... and I'm glad to hear everything seems to be going well. Can't wait to hear what the sex of the baby is. You're going to tell us, right? Right?

Chloe said...

Oh my goodness....we got linked on your blog! I feel so honored! Some days I don't know that our system works all that on Mondays- I get home at 4pm and Aaron leaves for work at about 4 pm. Makes it a little tough for our romance sometimes but it's better for Chloe, so we make it work. And the reason I'm a WOHM is because we simply could not get by on the salary Aaron makes- mine's just that much better. And he doesn't work full time. A lot of days I feel envious of moms like you!

Chloe said...

Oh and my stress relief is playing the piano....which I actually haven't done since I started my new job. Good sign I guess?

Amber said...

I started a job last summer because the transmissions on our vehicles went within 2 months of Trae being born. We went from no car payments to 2. My mom offered to watch the kids, I work 3-11 three days a week, and Jason gets home around 4-4:30. If I had to have anyone but my mom watch them, I would move out of this house (we built it 2 years ago) and even go with one vehicle if I had to. I am close to being able to quit my job, and do photography on Fridays and Saturdays and make enough so I don't have to work at the group home anymore. I really miss being home full time, and I would definitely rather be home with my kids than at my job. It was purely a financial thing, and I can't wait to have my own studio, but I am going to work with the photographer I am with now until all my kids are in school. It was really hard to make the decision to get a job because I felt really guilty, but I was getting physically sick with the stress of worrying about money. I also wanted a shift that would be oppisite Jason so my mom wouldn't be raising our kids, it's our responsibility. You are very lucky.

ethel said...

exciting! i love the sound of that heartbeat. wow..lots going on what do i do for stress relief..i just got an accupuncture treatment tonight and i think that's going to really help..that and sleep! and currently , knitting, is like this meditative serene escape ...awesome. have a great week!

ethel said...

oh...SAHM...but i did the working thing...( i did not like it even though i did love my job i would have much rather been staying home...but that was then and this is now)

Neisha said...

Hi Shannon, you may not know me but maybe know my sister (Shadon Nelson)or brother (Brad Nelson); anyway, I know last summer was really bad for me stress-wise and my hubby suggested that I take up a hobby. Well, I never really did but I can tell you what I'm working on/towards doing. Crocheting, sewing, making hairbows and pony-o's. Since I'm with the kids all the time I had to think of something I could do with them around. I also agree with Martha in getting massages or such things. I haven't had a massage but sure would love to get one some time.
As for working out (job), I don't. I too stay home and will continue to until my kids are in school and then I'd work part-time during school hours. I feel sorry for the moms that have to work-they miss so much-but I agree with Lani in there being days that I'd go back to work in a heartbeat.
And finally, congratulations on your baby and your other two are darling.