Monday, March 24, 2008

Elliot & Amanda Anderson



Rachel Henderson

Mmmm, punch.


Mr. & Mrs. Anderson

I'm bored.



Who knew fake snow could be so fun?!

Making a snowpile at Mom's feet. Great Uncle Dan told her to dump it in my purse. Luckily she missed.

Stealing the bride!

Heidi and Oliver

At least we smiled.

Can you smile for Mommy, Nolan?

How about you, Avrie?

Gift opening on Sunday night.

Something's funny. And this wasn't even the gift from the unknown giver. Okay, so nobody that was there even reads my blog. They got an awesome gag gift. A useful one. Haha.


Jen said...

Hey, Shannon! THANK YOU for posting this!!! Amanda is a distant cousin of mine and I knew she was getting married and I was just ecstatic for her! :) I didn't put the connection to you, though, until this post! Duh! :) Amanda is one really cool person and I haven't seen her in ages, bso it was fun to look at the pictures of their special day! :) I'm SO happy for them! Thanks again for sharing the day! :)

~ Jen Martin

Lani said...

Fun. And look at pretty Mommy with her kiddies. I love the family picture. So sweet. What a fun idea to throw snow and snowballs at the bride and groom as they escaped to the waiting car. Something even the male portion of the crowd could get into. Cute as long as no ice balls were involved. That would not be so cute. ;)