Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Time to Purge *edited

It's been awhile since I've spewed some random thoughts:

  • If you're suffering from low self-esteem I recommend heading over to the local Old Country Buffet. In no time at all you'll feel like a goddess.
  • I decided we need to drastically cut back on how much we eat out for mainly financial reasons but also because we've been eating really crappy lately. So we decided to give it a go for 2 weeks (no eating out unless someone else is paying!). Then I remembered we had already scheduled a dinner date with friends tonight.
  • And then I caved this afternoon and picked up lunch for the 3 kids and I. If I hadn't done this, we wouldn't have been done eating until at least 2.
  • Wild rice soup two times in one day makes for really, really insanely nasty diapers. Like, seriously. I have changed way more than my share of poopy pants today.
  • I hear Nolan whimpering downstairs and poke my head down the steps to ask him what's wrong. "I have poop on my hand". Oh yippee. I feel so lucky.
  • I hit the treadmill for an hour while the girls were napping this afternoon. It didn't up my seratonin as much as I'd hoped. Although I got my dose of House and feel like being snarky and sarcastic for the remainder of the day/week/month/year/life.
  • Avrie is queen of the tantrums today. I've lost track of how many times I've wanted to deck her.
  • I hate candy. Valentine's WEEK sucks. I'm very thankful that Nolan's preschool class gave out stickers, pencils, etc. He only got 2 suckers, a licorice stick and a tootsie roll for candy. Oh, and I hate it because it makes the kids crabby. But also because I can't leave it alone. And that's so weird because I hate sugar least I do when I'm not pregnant.
  • I'm only 9 1/2 weeks and I'm already rubber-banding my jeans. I am not looking forward to digging out the maternity clothes. At all. I wish I was loaded so I could buy all boutique stuff and look halfway decent.
  • I am going through severe scale withdrawal. I feel lost. I've tried to get Nolan to tell me where it is but he can't seem to remember where he watched Evan hide it. Which is strange since that kid seems to remember every single little detail of his life.
  • I went to scrounge up some clothes for meeting and, on a whim, pulled out my "too-big" bag from the closet to see what was in it. Well, what have we here? My scale! My husband is a horrible hider....behind almost-maternity clothes?! Not too brilliant! So, I immediately peed, stripped bare and hopped on. I was pleased to see I've only gained a pound and that's a pound that might be lost in the morning! Wheeeeeee! Now I'll see how long it takes him to read this and discover that he has to find the scale in order to rehide it. Heeheeeeeeeee. Unless Garret reads it first and tells him. Likely, I guess. I feel mean....I really do like you Garret!
  • I did BodyPump last night for the first time in 3 weeks and I wasn't as out of shape as I thought I was.
  • I love seafood. I'm craving mussles and scallops and salmon and shrimp and, like, the whole sea.
  • I'm so pissed annoyed (is that more becoming?) at Blogger's spellcheck. It's been defunct for two weeks.
  • My new favorite artist singing my new favorite song:


Tim & Melissa said...

You have no idea how much your 'random thoughts' make me laugh! I sooo look forward to reading them! Today's were especially funny (more specifically, you wanting to deck your daughter...good way to put it!) Thanks for the laughs...keep them comin!

Mindy said...

you ate at ocb?! ayla is busy right now. she's singing big girls are beautiful!!

Shannon said...

yes, yes, i know. honestly, i was pretty impressed! hadn't been there for years and it has improved drastically! everything was hot and tasty. didn't feel very good afterwards though...obviously. but they do fry in transfat free oil, which made me happy...although i'm sure the oil was still rancid and crappy.

ethel said...

wew..i was suffering withdrawal symptoms of not getting a dose of your random thoughts. thanks. for having a bad day? no..but i like how you say it. i don't know is puke better than poop? Garrett just puked all over his bed. He's 7. Can't he figure out where to puke aka bathroom? I know he's sick but I'm just now washing his entire sheets and bedding for the 2nd time. will you stop even caring about how much you weigh? do you realize how jelous i am that you get to be preggie again? just stop caring for 9 months girl. Let that baby grow and grow!!!!!!!! there. enough emphasis for ya?

Shannon said...

i hope someday. i really, really hope. it's a disease. i'm sick of it. it was better for a long time and now it's getting worse again.

Shannon said...

oh, and i prefer poop to puke. i really hope your family is on the mend soon....ugh.

Cheri said...

I'm in soo much trouble. Forgive me in advance...even if you don't know what you're forgiving me for! PLeeeasseee!

Lani said...

Sounds like your day/week/month has been going about as well as mine. Unless I read too much into your mood. I'm home tonight. Craig took the boys to meeting by himself. I seriously thought I was going to have a mental break down this afternoon, and I just could not face going out of the house.

Anonymous said...

want a poop story? we were running late for the pictures for jessica's wedding, and when we got to the place where we were going to take pictures, i took jonna's clothes off and was going to put on her flower girl dress, (i was sure it was going to get wrecked going from the house to the wedding place) and i turned around to get something, and i hear "mommy, i have poo-ies on my hand". i turned back around and it is allllll over her hand, coming out the diaper, everywhere. luckily i hadn't put her dress on yet. but she was supposed to be dressed and ready to go for pictures like 15 minutes before that happened.

Amber said...

I am 8 1/2 weeks and rubberbanding my belly actually looks pregnant. I hate the is she fat or is she pregnant stage. I guess by the 4th kid, you stomach just gives up. Have you tried prenatal yoga? Awesome and easy on the baby.

Shannon said...

shannon---well, i remember jonna looking adorable at jess's wedding so she must have gotten un-poopy =)

amber---i'm actually still doing the regular yoga class at the y but laying on my belly is starting to feel pretty annoying so i'm ready to modify or switch to the "motherwell" class...but that's only one day a week for some reason.

Mindy said...

you should talk to your bodyflow instructor. they have alternate things you can do when you're pregnant. i think you can take the class all the way to the end although they say not to do it during weeks 11 - 14. there is a pregnant girl in my class in case you're wondering.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE the big girl song!! so nice to see a GUY singing about loving big girls. i'm sooooo sick of seeing size 0 as the new size 12!! it made my day ;) gotta love the bloated feeling when you have your period!! as much as i complain about my weight, im sooooooooooo glad im not a size 0!!