Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Schmursday

We went to the mall after breakfast this morning to play, walk and check out the puppies. If I'd have found $600 laying on the ground I'd be snuggling with my new Shar Pei puppy right now. Those little guys are way too cute for their own good. We got the requisite Auntie Anne's pretzel with fake cheese and caramel flavored corn syrup. Yum, yum. I had to look up a copycat recipe when we got home. I think I'll have to give it a shot...anyone tried this with success? We also got an Orange Julius. YUCK. Absolutely disgusting.

Stopped at Blockbuster on the way home to check for a movie I've been wanting to see but they were all out. Nolan wanted the new Land Before Time. He's watching it with the volume off because the dinosaur noises are too scary.

We have Klara for a few hours this afternoon...nap hours I'm hoping!

I just got a call from my husband...who NEVER calls me for no reason. He had to brag about his speeding ticket this morning. Ha. Our insurance JUST went down $100/month. He seems to think this won't cause an increase. Sure hope so.

Here's some pictures from this morning:

Showing off their new tattoos from Nolan's valentine treat bag.


He looks like he's up to no good.

This is why Mommy needs a shower and Covergirl. I always think I don't have a vice. But I do. I feel 110% better after I do my face. If I go out of the house like this people always ask me if I'm okay.

Yup, it is me under there.


ethel said...

i'm coveting the green lamp in the background but you look very nice! you just looked a little tired in the first picture so great "make-over" by the 2nd! i do like that lamp though..remember where you got it by chance??

Shannon said...

i got two of them on clearance at target for $4. =)

but this was almost 4 years ago. i think i got the shades there too.

Nate, Tara, and Jaden said...

We'll have to walk the mall together some morning, we were at Northtown every day this week but hit Rosedale today to get a change of scenery. Love all the pics!

Lani said...

May I just state the obvious and say you have yourself some cute kids. And your kids? They have themselves a pretty fine Momma. Glad you got out a bit today and the Valentine's tattoos on the tummies are adorable!!!

Lani said...

And I might just add... a pretty fine Momma in the BEFORE and AFTER! ;) We are hard on ourselves, no?

Garret said...

Question Shannon, has your husband been biting his fist a lot at home. It started off with a couple of fist bites at lunch and has soon progressed in what seems to be a habitual fist biting epidemic. I do not understand what is happening to my friend I am quite worried, what is next, full fledged cannibalism? Your concerned husbands workers, friend. Toodles...

Shannon said...

Well, my guess is...there is SO much he wants to tell you about his innerself. He's shy and reserved about his inner hopes and dreams. I'll bet he wants to tell you about his sequin dress and stilleto heels hiding in the back of the closet. Maybe he's hoping you two can go out for a night on the town. Maybe hit the Gay 90's.

Chances are pretty good he doesn't want to make you feel bad by calling you a hoser too many times in one lunch hour. =)

Hope you loverboys have fun gaming tonight...shoot him up for me. He needs to lose to stifle his ego.