Tuesday, February 19, 2008

House Lust

Because I don't think I've posted enough today. Because I'm so infatuated that I just have to share. Because I really need to get that almost naked lady off the front page!

We found our dream house. Only it's a bit too much of a commute for Evan. Which means long days and an absurd amount of gas money. Which means I'd have to work outside the home so we could live. Which isn't an option for us since raising our kids is first priority. But, but but it's so insanely awesome and everything we want in a home!! And affordable!! Click on 'virtual tour' to get all the pictures and make sure you click on the big picture option. And then lust with me. And plan the loft down to the littlest details. The 'craft room' looks unfinished at first glance, but it is! The walls are that way for effect. I'm so in love.

Good thing we have an architect for a brother. Now we just need to find an old building for cheap, cheap, cheap and have him renovate for us.


Mindy said...

i'm in love too. it is awesome. there is an old brick school in star prairie that reminds me of "your" house. but i suppose that would once again mean a long commute!

Chloe said...

Totally SWEET! But if you had a house like that tons of people might want to come visit and then you'd have to always keep it clean and stuff..... (trying to help reduce the lust... :) )

ethel said...

i bet you love the color! i'm in love with the hobby/craft room. how incredible is that? you could do homeschooling in there..ha..seriously..art therapy..what a place! only has one bathroom which could be an issue when we all come to visit...but otherwise..it's very unique and i love it too

Lani said...

Ahhh... nice place. It's hard, isn't it? I caught myself thinking... "we could live there if I went back to work" when driving by a house today. But down the road, I think we'll all look back with no regrets about staying home and realize that every moment was worth not living in our dream house for a few years. ;) I know you know this already... I'm just trying to remind myself.

Gwen said...

the house across the road..to be moved...is FREE..and huge high celings and gorgeous old woodwork and staircase..
guess it would not be feasable no matter where it could get moved..but would be a fun..but lifelong project.