Friday, February 01, 2008

I Seem to Think in Random...*Revised*

  • I woke up this morning, made breakfast and was feeling particularly skinny, ha. So I went to weigh myself and my scale was missing. Evan hid it. Or threw it away. I hated him for a split second and then just felt relief.
  • So, there is this hoser, Garret, that Evan works with. He apparently has taken a liking to my blog. Hi Garret!! How is Hillary? Word is that you've got the hots for her.
  • Avrie's newest words: "more" "no, that's mine" "stinky" "peepee" "I wanna jump".
  • She loves to wrap her kitty or doll up in a blanket and rock it.
  • Nolan is in the bathroom yesterday and I hear "it's huuugee". Hmmm.
  • Kid's Stuff (the daycare at the Y) was making sno-cones with the kids this morning. They'll want to go all the time now!
  • I forgot to take the garbage out before we left this morning and the house reaked when we got back. So I dug around in the cupboard and found some old chocolate extract I've never used and poured that in a pan with some water and am simmering away the odor. While I was digging around in the cupboard I found an old bag of gummie bears that someone had given Nolan. I picked out the white and orange ones and ate them before the kids saw. Eeek, I'm so mean.
  • Evan is going to start playing two hours of hockey on Friday afternoons and be home early! Whoohoo! He'll have to work 9-hour days, but that's fine with all of us. He'll get some exercise and fun!
  • My goal today is to do all the laundry. You have no idea how big of goal this is.
  • I really, really want Flylady to work for me. I can't seem to find the motivation to get my rear moving. And I hate wearing shoes in the house and I hate getting dressed if I'm not going out. I'm so hateful.
  • I haven't done BodyPump for two weeks. It's going to kill me when I finally do it again! I've done Resist-a-Ball twice this week and really like it, but I'm the youngest person there. I feel weird.
  • Spellcheck isn't working for some reason. Deal with it.


Mindy said...

nolan's huuuge comment made me choke on my chili! don't wear shoes in the house. i have hard bottomed slippers that i wear. plus getting dressed could just be clean sweats and sweatshirt. that's what i do sometimes. remember, babysteps. i know, i'm annoying. i'll shut up now.

Gwen said...

ok so my clock says I dressed??? nope..
did i bathe?? YES..and put on unders then put on clean jammies TADA..even went outside with tanner and wyatt for an hour in snowsuits..GORGEOUS out..
I sound like a seal with this throat stuff..arf arf...

Cheri said...

Couldn't Evan have thrown the scale away BEFORE I stubbed my toe on it? Farron made omelets last night, and they were goood! Blogger has spell check? huh

ethel said...

i love your random thoughts! i look forward to them like a nice cup of tea...really. chocolate extract huh? what a splendid thought. Flylady? I was doing pretty good with it until i moved here. I need to get more organized with it too but i'm sort of back to square uno..i'm happy if the vacuuming gets done and the dishes off the counter. The big thing here is ironing cuz that actually matters to DH!! Have a great wk. end and cherish that little someone in there..relax and don't worry too much about working out all the can do that a year from now!! ok..i'm done now.

SimpleAutoQuote said...

So this is what it feels like when you make it to the big time, I am going to just soak up the feeling I have right now about getting a shout-out on the hottest blog on the internet.
The spelling is Garret by the way, and thank you sooooo much Shannon for having this Blog. In all seriousness I have read through some of your blog and I do find it refreshing, especially your ability to not, well, hold anything back.
Lastely for this comment, yes for the Primary I will be voting for Hillary, jeepers I just can not wait for free *health care*, cheaper energy, open borders and one more thing, uhm, what was it, uhm, oh yeah, more taxes, yippe.