Sunday, February 10, 2008

Children's Museum

Playing in the Water Works.

I did it!

Playing UPS!

Patiently (impatiently) waiting her turn.

Postman Nolan delivering his mail.

Another stop.

This was a flat picture! If you turned the knob, the dog came out.

A lady at the checkout told Nolan he owed $5! Poor kid!

Buying groceries!

Chopping up a steak while cooking a banana and ginger. Eeeyuck.

Crazy kids with painted faces.

I posted this one just for the lady in the you think she's alright?!

Conveniently, CandyLand is right around the corner. I've wanted to take the kids to a candy store just to see the expression on their faces. We weren't even through the door and Nolan is screaming "I want, I want, I want a lick-pop, I want, I want"! And Avrie is doing her classic "Eh, Eh, EH, EH". They hardly put a dent in them. I put them in a plastic bag when we got home and they haven't remembered them since we went on Friday. Must not have made too big of impression. Avrie's was good...lemon. Nolan wanted the yucky one.


Tim & Melissa said...

Oh how fun!!! See, you're one of those moms who takes her kids to fun, exciting places!

Anonymous said...

oooo we love going to Candyland after the children's museum too!!! (when we go to the one in the cities of course) the one in La Crosse has a very yummy ice cream place by it that we've found.

Mindy said...

let me know next time you go - it's been ages since we've gone. does the library system still give out free tickets?

Shannon said...

yup, it was grandma day and she had gotten the passport to play from her library. the minneapolis system doesn't have them...just st. paul.

Becky said...

That looks like a great place! Looks like your kids are having a blast. Keep posting pictures...these winter nights are getting too long!!!