Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Where is the Truck?

That hit me and then drove down my throat? I finally got the whopper cold that I've been avoiding since the beginning of the season. I had a 101 temp all day yesterday. I was functional today but hardly able to swallow. Drinking gobs of EmergenC and hoping for a speedy recovery.

I have felt very uninspired to blog recently. However, I am working on a gigantic essay about the way we eat and WHY. Look for it soon, hopefully.

Avrie learns 3-4 new words a day. She just blows me away in all her smartness! Her most recent are:

Turtle. Pizza. Juice. Raisin. Socks. Get it out. Lamb.

She can have entire conversations with just a 'yes' or 'no' shake of her head!


Gwen said...

yup I used to have a daughter who was smarter than her mom.
and still is for that matter.

Tim & Melissa said...

Oh no, that's no fun. And when mommy is sick, she doesn't have the option of 'being out of commission', unfortunately. Hope you feel better soon!

Mindy said...

I hope you don't have strep.

Shannon said...

well i've had strep enough in my life to know what it feels like and SO FAR it doesn't seem like it. i had my tonsils out right after nolan was born and haven't had strep since. it also helped me lose those last 10 pregnancy pounds...which i never did lose from avrie! too bad i don't have two sets of tonsils...ha!

ethel said...

i can't wait for your essay , Shannon..in the meantime drink some echinacea tea..and get better really soon ( i too know what it's like to have kids smarter than me!!!)

Anonymous said...

Same truck was spotted down in Rochester just after Christmas. Don't think I've hurt so much before. Went to the doc. No strep. Thank goodness for Chloraseptic spray, try that. It lasted more than a week then was healthy a week, then sick again. I hated it. Get better soon!