Friday, December 28, 2007


It was Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard around here so I bundled us up and went to Cub. In hindsight it was a ridiculous thing to do being neither of my kids had naps today. Avrie immediately sees something that looks like candy and wants it. I say NO and she throws a screaming fit complete with crocodile tears. This happened about every 3 feet for 45 minutes. The only thing that kept me sane was the nice football player who bagged for me (they were fundraising and I used all my cash to pay for the groceries so I had nothing to tip him). And the fact that my husband was home to carry in my groceries.
I used to love grocery shopping. USED to. Now I kind of loathe it. Okay, really loathe it. Someday I'm going to have a lovely neighbor I can trust and we'll kid swap for grocery day.

Good thing they're cute most of the time.

Real good thing.


Justin, Sara and Simon said...

Good to see healthy, smiley faces. I have never liked grocery shopping. when is delivery going to be cheap?

Shannon said...

I'm more than happy to pay Byerly's $7 to deliver my groceries but I never have it together enough to make a complete list and order online. I do find that I spend ALOT less though because shopping online eliminates those things that get thrown in because they look good...which add up VERY quickly. Now if only they'd put them away for you too.