Monday, October 29, 2007

Beautiful Day

Perfect fall day today. Kids both had school (babyschool for Avrie!) this morning and I got my dose of adult conversation with the parents.

Nolan has a new fascination with all things space, moon and stars. We walked to the library this afternoon and got a stack of books to learn more. Nolan decided he wants to be an astronaut so he can fly an airplane (pilot, same difference!) to heaven to see God. He is very intrigued with God. He wanted to call Him on the phone last night. It's hard to explain to a child what praying means. To get him to understand what "thinking" meant I told him to think about swinging on the swing set. He thought about it and started to giggle and that was the end of the prayer conversation.

Nolan is also very defiant and very THREE. He decided he's too big for naps and quit pretty much cold turkey. He still needs them. I still need them. We're having almost daily too-tired-tantrums.

I am so, so, so sick of trying to get him to poop. You could say I'm pooped.

is such a big girl now. She can answer yes or no to just about any question with a shake of her head. She is a little climber and has been caught in the act of climbing onto the counter many times. I can't begin to count how many times she falls off the kitchen chairs in a day. She's a strong-willed little thing. Wonder where she gets that from?!

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Anonymous said...

too funny. nolan and your conversations are very similiar to jonna and mine lately. she asked me today if i "wanted to go way up in the sky." i asked "why?" she said "to see god." we've been having the exact same conversations about "thinking" and what a "dream" is too. weird. it must be the age!!! also she's in the "why" stage again. i'm getting sooo annoyed, but i have to remember that she doesn't know this stuff yet, and is learning it all. and it's MY job to teach her. ack! pressure! where the webster's?