Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Be Glad You Aren't Me

After a wonderful morning walking and playing at the park with Tara, my two darling children were bitten by the crabby bug. Nolan woke Avrie up from her nap (20 minutes in) by slamming his door in protest to the much-needed nap I forced upon him. Someday I will own a house that is big enough to walk around in without waking up the children. Someday. We desperately needed groceries. Unfortunately, we needed to make two stops. The co-op was uneventful. Rainbow was a nightmare. Nolan wanted the 8-foot long kiddie cart. This is not an exaggeration. Not even a little. It is literally 8 feet long. Halfway into our joyful shopping experience Avrie decided she wanted to be carried. Not happily. Carried kicking and screaming. We promptly ran headlong into a Rice-a-Roni display and knocked them all down.

At home I sat on the couch and told Nolan that Mommy wanted to cry and what would he do if I did? He said "I'd lay by you and cuddle and snuggle you and, ohhh Mommy, don't cry (hugs me), I love you". My day was marginally improved. If only for a few moments until the next ruckus.

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Mindy said...

This reminds me of a day when I wanted to cry (worrying about money) & Ayla said, "Don't cry Mommy, Daddy will go to work & get some money for us" & then she snuggled with me until we both fell asleep. Kids. They help to cause the stress & they help to take it away. I hope your evening is better than your day has been.