Saturday, September 22, 2007

Park and Thrift

Evan is working again today. Elliot is helping him out. I made some horrible caramel rolls this morning for breakfast...they sure take some advance planning. I was up at 5:20 to start the dough. Worth it. So very worth it. Went to the park after breakfast and observed a rugby game. Wow, that is entertaining. Glad I'm not playing. Came home for Avrie's nap and then met the guys at Culvers for lunch. Went to another park after that and then hit the thrift store on the way home.
Not happy with the lighting but such a cute picture. I'm not very thrilled with our new camera. It seems like the pictures all come out hazy.

Nolan refuses to stop and smile for pictures.

Check out the hair!

I love tunnel pictures.




Cheri said...

Butt-Naked Baby Blues???

My name is Shannon said...

Browsing my bookshelf I see! It's a comic book =) Hey...great photo idea. Maybe I'll take a picture of my to-read book stack. I'm reading Take Big Bites by Linda Ellerbee right far so good!