Wednesday, September 26, 2007

nano nano Boo Boo!

I've got an iPod!! I'm so very behind in technology. Evan got me a nano for my birthday and I'm so excited! We have a fantastic music collection that never gets listened to because cd's are such a hassle and a pain to listen to an entire album for two good songs. So now I'm busy uploading all our music and then we'll weed through and get rid of the losers.

I started two new jobs this week. I'm working for my FIL doing website stuff for his clock shop. Cukoo! I also started daycare for a 9-month baby girl, Klara Beth. I'll watch her on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11-5. She is the sweetest thing! Perfect hours for me and the pay will buy our groceries for the week. Yay!

Nolan is loving preschool. Want a dose of diversity? Here's some of the names of his classmates:
Haroom, Drake, Aisha, Aminah, Kevin, Eyuel, Saul (I know), Arjun, David, Garrett and Antony. They get jobs each day and today Nolan watered the plant. When I picked him up he was talking about the huge smoke coming out of the building...I have no idea. I'm missing out on his learning and growing. This makes me sad.

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Justin and Sara said...

That's cool that you are taking care of a baby girl! I'm hoping to do something similar once our house is put together. Great way to earn a few bucks. I want the kid to be 2 or more though so it can walk and talk. !