Wednesday, August 15, 2007

He's Actually Sleeping in His Bed!

We got Nolan a bunk bed with the intention that as soon as Avrie is big enough that they'll bunk together. We'll see how long the novelty of the top bunk lasts! The first night he chickened out and slept on the bottom. As you can see we only have one mattress right now so Daddy decided he wasn't going to be moving it every night and now Nolan is permanently on top. Look at me!
Our very own puppy.
Crafting for Daddy this morning. He discovered glue.
Avrie left behind a few bunny grahams. They both thought this was hysterical.

1 comment:

Cheri said...

Your crazy busy table cloth matches your wall beautifully!
Nolan, come to my house and we'll make window stickers out of paint!!