Monday, August 06, 2007

Avrie's Birthday Party

Well, we got rained out so we didn't have Avrie's party at the park. Our house worked just fine...until Avrie opened all her presents...we'll need a bigger house just to hold all the toys! She got two strollers, which Nolan just loves! She can play with them all she wants when he's napping but when he's awake she has to share...which means Nolan gets them and she doesn't. Licking the beaters was awesome, Mom! Looks like Gpa has frosting on his nose.
Nolan is tasting the watermelon. Gma made a huge fruit salad for the birthday party.
Avrie eating with the big kids at the train table.
I want that!!
Getting cleaned up before presents.
Two Ba-Baa's!!!
Tanner, Wyatt, Nolan and Avrie

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Bill, Shanda & Kylie said...

Happy B-day Avrie :) Wow, hard to believe shes 1 also now :) These kids are growing up WAY To fast!

I also started a blog you will have to check it out!

Take care!!