Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sweat. Drip. Wilt.

Lunch. Yummm. It is way too hot outside. I cannot stand this weather. We went to the mall this morning to play at the playland and walk around. We drove there in our car that has no A/C and threatens to overheat if stopped too long or driven too slow. The A/C on Evan's truck is out too so we're plenty warm around here. Evan accidentally left his cell phone at home this morning so I took it with to answer business calls. It was so silent that I forgot I had it and lost it somewhere along the way. I realized it as I was walking across the parking lot to leave. I called it from my cell phone and the mall lost and found had it for me. Wheeww. To top it all off my camera is dying. It only turns off if you take the battery out and the lens won't retract and it makes a weird clicking sound when it flashes and this is the longest run on sentence ever!! Oh, and we stopped at Fresh and Natural just to buy Nolan gluten free ice cream cones and they were all out.

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Mindy, Craig, Micah & Ayla said...

At least you had a yummy lunch today! I'm eating a piece of flourless chocolate cake from Cafe Latte right now - Yum!