Monday, July 16, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Ahhhh! Both kids are in bed and I'm having my first moment of peace since Saturday morning! We had Char's surprise 50th Saturday night at Eric and Lori's house. It was a success...she said she was surprised! Sunday afternoon Grayson had his birthday party at Cindy's pool. We went to Char and Elroys afterwards for lazying around and didn't get home until close to midnight. The kids and I met Gpa/Gma, Eric/Lori and Ethan/Heidi at Como Zoo this afternoon and we went to Snuffy's for food and malts afterwards. I went grocery shopping with the kids tonight...which always seems to be eventful. Evan put in 14 hours at Allen Co. today and isn't home yet. I am so very tired. Here's a ton of pictures. Avrie and Auntie Heidi at Snuffy's.
Picture by the polar bears.
Three little rascals. They look like they're up to no good.
Sienna Larson and Avrie hanging out.
Nolan sleeping Sunday afternoon. He had pushed his bed out from the wall and then found a more comfy place to sleep. Whatever suits him is fine with me.
Grayson and Trevin waiting patiently for Grandma to show up.
I love this picture! This is right as she is seeing Ethan and Heidi!
Avrie and Grandpa Lowell having a ball!

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Anonymous said...

hey. looks fun! my mom and jonna were at como on monday also.