Tuesday, May 29, 2007

You Don't Stick Golf Clubs In Your Poop.

I never thought I'd ever say that.

So, I just put Avrie down for a nap and as I'm shutting her door I hear the bathroom faucet turn on. I go in and find Nolan washing off his golf club. I asked him what was on it and he said "poop". He had pooped in his undies in the kitchen and some of it had fallen out on the rug...which he smooshed up with his golf club and then "golfed" his way to the bathroom with poop smears all along the way.

Oh the joys of Motherhood. The rug is in the dumpster. I'm not even attempting to clean a rug I bought used anyway.

The TERRIBLE THREE'S have begun! I want the Tremendous Two's back! He's gone from a sweet little boy to a wicked little devil. Well, he's still sweet 90% of time but watch out for that 10%!!


Anonymous said...

He was cleaning up after himself! How sweet!!!! I agree....give me back the terrific two's!!!

Anonymous said...

snicker snort...heheeee...shannon i would FIND pee bowls in your room.you were a bit older than 3 maybe a fabulous 4...hahaha..MOM
oh well ya gotta love them..

Sue said...

Fore! Maybe he will be a pro golfer someday and you can tell that story to his fans. Ha!

Craig said...

Hahahahaha!!! I know it was probably NOT funny when it happened, but I just had a good laugh. So did Marjan, I just read this post to her over the phone! We were wondering, how did he get disciplined?!

Mindy said...

That last post was from me, Mindy.

Shannon, Evan, Nolan & Avrie said...

We had a nice lengthy discussion about how poop is dirty and has germs and we're not to PLAY in it! And then followed that up with a discussion about golf balls. They are white with dimples. ONLY!!! Okay...it is pretty funny =) Plus now my floors are nice and clean!