Saturday, May 26, 2007

Jimmy John's #12

Is the best sandwich out there. Well, it competes with #10.

Had Grandma Day on Friday and Nolan got royally spoiled with a swimming bath. Grandma carried out pails of hot water to the kiddie pool. I made sure Nolan knew that our backyard doesn't have hot water =)

Took the kids to Proex today for pictures. Nolan's 3 year and we put Avrie with him for a few shots. And then got our arms and legs chopped off to pay for them. Thank goodness it's only twice a year. I generally like our candid shots better anyway. Although this time it was very hard to choose one of Nolan...he was just too cute in all of them.

Evan traded in the PT Cruiser today for a new (old) work truck. It has a bench seat in the back that would hold a few kids and junk.

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Justin and Sara said...

that pic of you and avrie is so beautiful!!