Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Beautiful Day!

What a gorgeous day! We went to the river trail this morning and walked and played at the park. Came home and went swimming in the backyard and had a picnic lunch and shared a quart of strawberries. Poor Avrie is sick so she's spent the day sleeping and puking. But we're still having fun.

When the kids wake up I'm going to start my diamond hunt. My diamond fell out of my ring last night. It's pretty surreal considering I had noticed the prong looked funny earlier in the evening. I'm 99.9% sure that it's in the house somewhere...just a matter of where. Wahhhhh!
What a comfy place for a nap. Kids can fall asleep in the strangest places. He's been anti-bed lately. He sleeps on the floor, rocking chair and sometimes on the mattress which has been moved to the floor as you can see.
Gotta make sure this tire stays on.
Helping Daddy fix the car. Hmmm...what tool do I need now?
Two double chins = double the fun!


Anonymous said...

Oh, both my daughter and granddaughter have MY DOUBLE CHIN:)
MOM and Gma

Anonymous said...

All your pictures are just too cute!