Monday, January 22, 2007

Our Eventful Weekend

Mom and Dad came up on Friday to watch the kids while Evan and I went out for our anniversary. Avrie had taken a bottle last weekend but we hadn't tried it again. Soo.....I know that people think that I'm exaggerating when I say that she won't take a bottle. Ask my Mom. She got her to drink from a stuffed bunny ear...a medicine dropper...and then finally a bottle on the last feeding before we got home. I did try a bottle on Sunday night and she took it without a fuss. Whoohooo! To top it all off Dad was sick and bonded with the bathroom.

Evan and I had a blast though!!! We went to bed at 10:30 and slept until 8:30 without getting out of bed once! We went bowling on Saturday afternoon and I bowled a 115...I've never bowled over 100...I'm a terrible bowler. Well, I WAS a terrible bowler. Now I'm just okay. There's a bowling alley two blocks down the street from us and it's dirt cheap.

Nolan's on a crafty roll this morning. We've played playdough, cut and colored paper and now he's finger painting. And it's not even 11 yet. I made the mistake of vacuuming before all this.

Avrie is up on all fours...yikes! I'm sure crawling is a ways off yet though. She's still pretty tippy when she's sitting.

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Sara A said...

Nolan's nap antics were hilarious and scared me to death!!! Is that what boys do?!? How absolutely fabulous that you had such a great weekend with your hubby. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and may baby Avrie continue to take to the bottle!