Monday, January 29, 2007

Hi Mommy

Isn't the wall pretty? This is what Nolan was doing while Mommy wasn't looking. He was so proud of himself. It came off with a Mr. Clean Eraser. I can't recommend those things enough. This is Avrie and I last night. We had a Mommy/Kids photo shoot. I think that if I were to die my kids would never know they had a mother if all they had was picture books. It's all pictures of Daddy/Kids. So, if you have pictures of me with my kids I'd really like them!


Phyllis Shadle said...

Wow! Nolan, or 'Olan as Tori calls him, looks like quite the artist! And isn't that on his new walls??? Kids, got to love them since you can't give them back?? Ha!

Anonymous said...

shan, you have to get a picture taken like my co worker's daughter has of her little boy--the one of you and avrie reminds me--well, part of it is they are cheek to cheek, but shoulder to head--so one is upside down--there's a little more to it but that would be so cute of you and avrie!! lorene

Justin and Sara said...

beautiful! ;)