Tuesday, September 10, 2013

There Was a Sweet Birthday Party!

Avrie blew through the Magic Tree House books this summer.  Naturally, she wanted a MTH birthday party and since Cole loves what Avrie loves, he wanted a MTH birthday party, too.  We had the party in Grandma and Grandpa's magical backyard!  There was a medallion hunt, mummy wrap race and an edible ocean project.

 Evan hid the medallions together in one place and wrote up 7 awesome clues for the kids.  He made the medallions at work and engraved the name of each kid onto the back with the "M" from the books on the other. 

 The birthday kiddos with their prize!

 The were hid behind some rocks near the horseshoe pit.  See how clever these clues are!?

 Even some of the adults got into it!

 TP mummy races!

 Sugar cookies with blue frosting and decorations = edible ocean!

Strawberry Banana Malted Milkshake Cake.  Amazing.


Gwen said...

Twas a fun day...in a beautiful magical backyard!! The kids enjoyed it as well as us.

Ethel said...

awww! How completely clever you all are..Happy Birthdays!! You have alot of b'days at your house this time of year as well!!

Anita said...

Wow- you totally did that up right!! How fun! And belated Happy Birthdays!

Lani said...

Did you make that cake???!!!! A cake that looks like that couldn't be anything other than amazing, me thinks. Wow!

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