Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summer Evening Photo Shoot


 This boy had a birthday on August 24th.  I can't look at this picture very long or my chest gets heavy and my eyes spring a leak.  No matter what I do, my baby is not a baby.

 Yep, it's perfect.  These are our children.

 Avrie:  "Mom, are we related to any of those people in the black & white pictures who never smiled?"

 One single digit year left.  Next year is middle school.  I do not fear for this boy.  He has phenomenal insight into what matters and what doesn't.  Perhaps this is a side-effect of being raised by a duo of extremely cynical parents?!  He will do well.   And he loves his Mama.  

 I look at this and see Little Miss Muffet.

Daddy's polishing his heavy-duty Magnum flashlight.  You know, cuz we don't have a gun.  


Ethel said...

perfectly gorgeous kiddos!!!!!! really sweet pics!

Anita said...

Every single one of these pix is great!
Like the flashlight comment there at the end. You'd better hire a security guard or something, too... ;)

Lani said...

That third one down of the three of them together. The one where Avrie's eyes are wide open? THAT is a framer!!! I would blow it up very large in canvas and hang it on my living room wall, but that would be weird, wouldn't it. Avrie's are we related to anyone in those black and white pictures that aren't smiling cracked me up. The flashlight commentary was pretty good, too. :) I MISS YOU!!!