Tuesday, September 24, 2013

a few random summer shots...

 Sara Janes.  Cream puffs that'll blow your mind.

 He was actually in tears not long after this picture.  I feel your pain, dude.


 What an idiot.  He wrecked every lovely shot I snapped.  Keepin' it real, yo.

 Their like mannerisms here completely crack me up.


 On our way to DQ one night.  Yes, again.

 Her eyes were bigger than her stomach.  Like, 16 ounces too big.

 Special is as special does.

 Hit the library a minimum of 3x per week.  Did you know that when you go to libraries in three different counties that it's really hard to keep track of books?

 A fun-filled week with cousins from near and far!  These are the only two photos I took the entire time.  Shame on me.

My morning reading companion.  She's super helpful.

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Lani said...

The family that walks to DQ together stays together, I always say. ;) LOVE this post! Cuties.