Friday, June 28, 2013

Springy Summer Stuff

Quite a few weeks ago now, the husband and I took a weekend trip to Duluth.  It was lovely despite the weather.  We biked, ate at Amazing Grace, hiked Gooseberry Falls, toured Split Rock, checked out the famed Betty's Pies, hit an estate sale, toured the Glensheen Mansion and lazed around our cozy cabin.

Happy Summer!

"Cole, do you like ants on a log?"  "Yes!"  Well, minus the log, apparently.

While Avrie tends to be pretty self-centered, she does feel when I need a boost.  This was taped on the back of our bedroom door one day.

Wee-man and I on one of our last mornings together.  We do sorta resemble each other!

Lizzy Loophole finally lost a tooth! She has three more corn on the cob this summer!

Sigh.  This picture makes me swoon.

Mama said there'd be days like this.  Mama said.

Can't have a beach day in MN '13 without a fat storm cloud overhead!

A favorite reading spot.  

My children hate photos.  A lot.  It's very drama-filled.  So it's always a miracle when I can capture one that looks like them.

I mean, this here - THIS is Nolan, age 9.

Look at him.  All grown up.  Using gigantic words from all the gigantic books he lives in.  I love this kid.  We have great conversations these days.

The Anderson family June 2013


Neisha said...

1. we visited a lot of those same places in Duluth!
2. I love to sit on our swing in back, hold baby and watch the kids play...nothing better!
3. I sigh too when my kids read, especially Kylie since she's not a big reader
4. Nolan is looking so grown up!
5. Beautiful family photo!!

Lani said...

Shannon, you look amazing! Love that family photo. Seeing Nolan all grown up makes me kind of sad because Kekoa's right on his heels. Turns nine on Tuesday. I am NOT ready for them to be this grown up. Seriously. I'm not. I'm having a hard enough time growing up myself.

Pam said...

We just visited a lot of those same places last weekend - loved our time in MN! Your kids are growing up so fast and I love, love, love your family pic!

Mindy said...

love your hair like that. Kaia and avrie have the same swim suit - hope we can swim together at least once this summer!

Shae Tilson said...

First off, so jealous of your Duluth trip... someday my husband and I will get to relax again together, right?! Someday.

I LOVE that your kids love to read. I hope my children have a great passion for books, too!

Oh, and precious fam photo btw :)

Ethel said...

oh you make me swoon. love this post. ahh. happy sigh. a shannon post. glad you're enjoying summer. now i think i'll go look at your pictures one more time. by the way i have a new phone..same number..i text now ..wink wink! hope to see you at tea maybe sometime in July? but, maybe you'll be at the beach most days......

The J's said...

LOVE the family picture! I can't believe how much your kids are growing up. Well, I love the other pictures too. So cute. So happy to read your update again, Been missing you at tea!

amber said...

Hey Shannon: Been a long while since I've checked out your blog. Beautiful family :)
I also realized something: There is this little girl who lives next door and she's the cutest little girl i've ever seen besides Brookelyn...and she's always reminded me of someone I couldn't place. Well, it's Avrie! Cole is so big...its sad when the babies are almost 5! I remember checking your blog to see if he'd arrived yet..time flies. :)